nWave Pictures Distribution and our educational partner Young Minds Inspired are proud to present this resource guide for use in conjunction with the release of Penguins 3D written and narrated by world renowned filmmaker and naturalist David Attenborough. This curriculum is consistent with U.S. National Education Science Standards, and includes classroom activities for students in grades K-3 and corresponding activities for students in grades 4-8, plus two activities for students of all ages.

Our educational objectives are:

• To introduce students to the geography and location of “Penguin City” on South Georgia Island.
• To encourage students to explore the social and breeding behaviors of the King Penguin and its relationship to other species on South Georgia Island.
• To make students aware of the potential impact of climate change and commercial fishing on the King Penguins’ habitat.
• To inform students about other species of penguins and where they live in the Southern Hemispher

A Message from the Filmmakers

We are tremendously excited to bring the world of the King Penguin to your classroom, and I know that these charming and irresistible comic characters will engage and delight your students.

After the incredible success of our previous documentary film, Flying Monsters 3D, my producer Anthony Geffen and I were keen to find another project to work on together. I struck upon the idea of filming King Penguins in South Georgia, an extraordinary sub-Antarctic island. Because of the remoteness of the islands, most of the wildlife are totally unafraid of humans and you can get a camera very close to them. But this also meant that our film crew lived and worked in some extremely harsh conditions for months at a time to capture this amazing story, including journeying there by boat for several weeks through some often huge seas, and then camping in tents which could be flattened in a moment by careless elephant seals!

As we follow a King Penguin through a formative year of his life, your classes will gain a unique insight into the extraordinary wildlife on the islands of South Georgia, in the Southern Atlantic Ocean. Our King Penguin lives in one of the harshest climates on earth and faces epic challenges to reach adulthood and find a mate, and then complete his destiny by raising a chick and finally sending it off into the world. The giant screen immersive experience brings your students up close and into the world of the King Penguin and all the other wildlife that share his habitat: the playful fur seals, massive elephant seals, giant orcas, and predatory birds such as skuas and petrels.

Everything in the film is scientifically accurate, but we have also tried to convey our story in an accessible way—one that balances educational content with an emotional connection to the subject, which is why we decided to focus on just one penguin and his story. We very much hope that our film will inform your students about the King Penguin and his sub-Antarctic habitat, and inspire them to learn more about our extraordinary world.

Sir David Attenborough
Writer & Narrator
Anthony Geffen


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